Cloud Computing Security Benefits, Risks and Recommendations

I was reading in the blog Linux Today a nice post which mentions this:

“But as the report points out, cloud computing is also a security enabler. The Executive Director of ENISA, Dr Udo Helmbrecht, underlines: “The scale and flexibility of cloud computing gives the providers a security edge. For example, providers can instantly call on extra defensive resources like filtering and re-routing. They can also roll out new security patches more efficiently and keep more comprehensive evidence for diagnostics.””

They repost this segment from another articule which really worth to read fully.

The article mentions what’s the most hot topic about Cloud Computing: The Security. Where are my files if they’re not under power? That’s an interesting question. Maybe, if you do it, or I do it, we will receive the answer in a couple of years, but that’s really different when a lot of state and government do the question.


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